The Avett Brothers w/JLM at the AMA Awards

I know some Avett Brothers fans are not keen on JLM. But take a look at this – it’s our boys singing with her on her song “For Today” at the Americana Music Awards ceremony last week, Oct 13, 2011. The boys have said as much, but in this video it is palpable how genuinely they adore her. They dote on her as if a younger sister. It impressed me in a profound way.

Go @Neil deGrasse Tyson!

Gem of a Meteor Shower - Here in a couple hours

It sure is c-c-c-cold out! But if you happen to be off work tomorrow, and/or able to bundle up and go outside between 12:30A through around 6:30AM tomorrow… fortify yourself and go look at the sky for 20-30 minutes. It’s said there will be 100 meteors per hour… from the size of a grain of sand to a basketball. Many will become visible fireballs. “…usually the most satisfying of all the annual showers…” If you get to see anything, post your photos!

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30 years ago today, our collective hearts were broken… Shine on, John Lennon. Below I transcribed the 1st half of John’s last interview before he was murdered.

John Lennon, last interview - Dec 1980 w/Rolling Stone’s Jonathan Cott. Transcription by J Weisman on 12/9/2010.

John Lennon: It’s the same idol worship… I said it in Playboy but I’ll repeat it… they pick a President, they put him up there, and then they set fire to him because he couldn’t solve their problems. Because they’re always looking for somebody else to provide for ‘em - including critics. Sittin’ on back there waiting for illusions that they’ve created about artists whether it be Mick Jagger or Bruce Springsteen or whoever’s favorite-of-the-moment. And the only ones they like, the same as the little kids in Liverpool - only liked us when we were in Liverpool - a lot of them dropped us ‘cause we got big in Manchester - right, the local critics thought we’d sold out - and I remember being in Liverpool and being this… upset because we got big in… y’know, I mean, what the hell is it? I mean, what the hell is it? It’s the same with critics. They only like people when they’re on the way up. When they’re up there they’ve got nothing else to do but shit on them. They like to imagine they create and break people — they don’t. But they only like people on the way up. I can not be on the way up again, and I can not be 25 again, I can not be what I was 10 years ago, I can not be what I was 5 minutes ago… so I can’t waste the time on them. I mean I’ve been considering what they’re gonna say and what they’re gonna do. Most of them are now half my age, and know shit from Shinola about anything other than, you know, from 1970 on, alright? So, forget ‘em [aughs]. Y’know what I mean - forget them… We’re talking to the public. Not to college kids writing essays about saxophone players.

Jonathan Cott: There are 3 things that I noticed. 1, in a lot of your songs all the way through your, y’know, what you’ve done, there’s this kind of, there’s a tradition you had of the kind of incredible, strong thing about getting people together… inspiring people to just be themselves, and, you know, come together and try to change things… like “Give Peace A Chance,” and “Power To The People,” and “free the people” and all - you know, that side of you…

John Lennon: Yes, it’s still there. If you look on the inside of the logo, which all the kids’ve done already, all over the world, from Brazil, Australia, Poland - anywhere that gets the record - inside is written “One World One People,” ok? and the kids’ve noticed that. No critic, no media, no anybody has said anything about it, but I’m tellin’ you right now because by the time this comes out, people will have noticed. But the people that buy the record have written back from Australia. And P.S. “One World One People” - that is written on the actual master, on the album. So… we continue. You know, “Give Peace A Chance.” Not “Shoot People For Peace.” “All We Need Is Love.” I believe it —it’s damn hard, you know, but I absolutely believe it. I’m not claiming divinity, and I’ve never claimed divinity. I’ve never claimed purity of soul. I’ve never claimed to have the answer to the light. I have never made any claims. I only put out songs and answer questions - as honestly as I can. But only as honestly as I can. No more, no less. I can’t do any more, I can’t do any less. But I can not live up to other people’s expectations of me. Because they’re illusionary. And the people that are wanting more than I am, or than Bob Dylan is, or that Mick Jagger is, or that the new punks will become… because they have to grow up too. I can not be a punk in Hamburg in Liverpool, because I’m older now. I can not be 18 and be a punk, and pretend to be socially concerned with pimples and the… state of the welfare, OK? Which I was at 24. I see the world through different eyes
now. I still believe in love, peace, and understanding, as Elvis Costello said. What’s so fucking funny about love, peace, and understanding? Well, you know, in a way, no thing is real if you break the word down. As the Hindus, or that group say. You know, it’s an illusion. Oh and in that respect I agree. It is all an illusion meaning all matter is floating atoms, right? So in that way we think it’s a wall, and it ain’t — it’s a lot of atoms, and with some combination of laser or mind - you can go through it, right? So in one way it’s illusion. It’s “Rashomon.” We all see it, but the agreed upon illusion is what we live in… The hardest thing is facing yourself. It’s easier to shout “Revolution!” and “Power To The People!” than it is to look at yourself and try and find out what’s real inside you and
what isn’t. When you pull the wool over your own eyes, your own hypocrisy. That’s the hardest thing. And that’s what I’m involved in. When I was younger — I could say “when one is younger,” but maybe they’ll think that’s too ego - you know, I’m not allowed to speak on that level, because that upsets the little turds, right? So let’s put it like ‘when *I* was younger’ I used to think that the world was doin’ it *to* me, and that the world owed me some thing. And that either the conservatives or the socialists or the fascists or the communists or the christians or the jews or the fascists were doing some thing to *me.* And when you’re a teeny-bopper, that’s what you think. I’m 40 now, I don’t think that anymore because I found out it doesn’t fucking work. The thing goes on anyway, and all you’re doin’ is jacking off screamin’ about what your mommy or your daddy or society did. But one has to go through that. And for the people who even bothered to go through that, most assholes just accept what it is anyway and get on with it. Right? So for the few of us who did question what was going on, I have found out personally - not for the whole world - that I am responsible for it. As well as them. I am part of them. There’s no separation - we’re all one, right? So in that respect… I look at it all and think ‘ah, well, I have to deal with me again in that way.’ What is real and what is the illusion I’m living or am I not living? And deal with it every day… the layers of the onion.

Gillian Welch on Conan tonight

Who’s up for the next hour? (11P-12A Eastern) Gillian Welch is the musical guest on Conan. Repeats from 1-2A ET. TBS.

Russell Brand hilarious on Conan. Frenetic, nonstop, endearing wit.

Tomorrow night: will be Trampled By Turtles, and Dusted by Infamous Strings… and I can’t WAIT!

Not quite fa-fa-fa-fa-freezin’ — but today… close! Very very windy & cold. On way to see Carolina Chocolate Drops tonite - yay!

Wonder if Tweedy will be joining the great Mavis Staples tonight…

Rushed to Mavis party… Left utterly amazing sashimi dinner, cut short. :( And here we are in a crazy crowded, hot room. No Mavis yet.

Colbert is interviewing her so she is delayed. But watch for that!

Oh god, really, opening band? You have a couple more?? angst

Mavis Staples: “You Are Not Alone”

Mavis Staples w/Jeff Tweedy on Letterman tonight (10/5/10, technically 10/6). Tomorrow going to her NY record release. Lost my grudge against Tweedy. Pleasantly surprised at the nice fit w/him producing this record. The song he wrote & the songs he found for her are profound, & perfectly in tune w/everything about her amazing self. Mavis is incredible, & this collaboration seems equally so. To hear her talk about this a month ago on WNYC, you can hear her genuine enthusiasm for the project. As well as some of the great songs and their backstories. Pretty sure y can see a session between the two on YouTube.

And, it’s in Dubley!

Whoever might be awake now and happens to have TCM, tune into “This Is Spinal Tap.” Classic. Can’t be beat.

Lightning, not lightening.